Bonjour les enfants!


In French we have been learning the French alphabet (l’alphabet). Below are the sounds for each letter. Can you practise spelling different words in French such as your name?

Why not get an adult to spell something to you and see if you can tell what it is they are spelling?

A – ah                                             N – en
B – bay                                           O – oh
C – say                                            P – pay
D – day                                           Q – coo
E – uh                                              R – air
F – eff                                              S – ess
G – j’ai                                             T – tay
H – ash                                           U – eww
I – ee                                               V – vay
J – g’ee                                           W – doob-le-vay
K – kah                                           X – eeeks
L – el                                               Y – e-grek
M – em                                           Z – zed

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Your blog!

This blog has been set up especially for year 5/6 children in the Unit. The aim of the blog is for children and staff to share with parents, carers, friends, family and indeed the whole world what they have done both in and out of school.

Throughout the year, it is hoped that both children and adults in school will add to the blog whenever they wish to share something!

Enjoy blogging!!!!