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Start with a simple sentence.
For example
“Jack and Jill went up the hill”

Each line, you may change one word and one word only!

See how funny or interesting you can make your sentence!

Here is mine!

“Jack and Jill went up the hill”
“Jack and John went up the hill”
“Jack and John went down the hill”
“Jack and John went down the slide”
“Mary and John went down the slide”
“Mary and John went down a slide”
“Mary and John climbed down a slide”
“Mary and John climbed down a mountain”
“Mary and John walked down a mountain”

Snow Patrol


Your challenge:

To write a 100 words story that uses the picture as a stimulus.

Think about:
– Where the path is going?
– How you describe the setting – think about those adjectives.
– Describe how it feels – similes / metaphors etc.
– How to make your story exciting!

Happy writing!

Weather Report

The weather forecast says it’s going to snow tomorrow.

Can you write a script for a weather report for Linthwaite or as a challenge, for the country.

As we have been looking at Europe in Geography, you could even look to see if the weather is the same in other countries.



A limerick is a type of poem. To write a limerick you must follow the certain rules:
– It must have 5 lines
– The first, second and the fifth line need to rhyme
– The third and the fourth lines should rhyme
– Lines one, two and five should have 3 beats and lines three and four should have two beats.

Limericks are supposed to make us laugh.

Check out the limericks below.

There once was a hunter named Paul
Who strangled nine grizzlies one Fall.
Nine is such a good score,
So he tried for one more
But he lost. Well, you can’t win them all!

There once was a lady named Sue
Who had nothing whatever to do
And who did it so badly
I thought she would gladly
Have stopped before she was through.

There once was a Thingamajig–
Like a Whatsis, but three times as big.
When it first came in view
It looked something like you
But it stayed and turned into a pig.

I once knew a word I forgot
That means, “I am sorry we met
And I wish you the same.”
It sounds like your name
But I haven’t remembered it yet.

There once was an ape in a zoo
Who looked out through the bars and saw YOU!
Do you think it’s fair
To give poor apes a scare?
I think it’s a mean thing to do.

Your challenge: Can you write a quirky limerick?

A new year…

At the start of a new year, some people make new year resolutions.

What are you going to try and do to improve this year?

My new years resolution is to update this blog every Friday morning!!

What are you excited about this year?

Let us know by commenting below!

Karam’s Story

Karam wrote and recorded a story about some of his favourite mascots!

He said “I wrote a story about Wooly and Worth who were mascots for Woolworths. What do you think?”

Why not write a story and record it in CCL to be published on the blog?

By Karam, year 6

Why is our school so great? Get the children’s views here!!

In CCL, children negotiated to interview their friends about why they love school so much.

Have a listen to what they have had to say below.

Feel free to post a comment if there is something you want to add!!

Mehrissa quizes Amelia about life in school!

Cameron answers questions about why school is so cool!!